Lincoln UTC Students Take Part In Twinning Event With A Difference

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Last month 12 Lincoln UTC students from North Hykeham travelled to the town’s twinning partner in Germany to take part in the European Youth Sports Festival.

The four day event has been staged every year since 2011 and this was the second time Lincoln UTC students had made the trip.

The group of boys and girls took on teams from Denzlingen’s twin towns in France (St Cyr Mer) and Italy (Citta della Pieve) as well as their German hosts.

In all, 66 young people tackled a wide range of sports, including Tug of War, swimming, basketball, athletics, penalty shootouts, beach volleyball, indoor hockey, human table football and athletics. They also enjoyed a visit to an outdoor activity centre at Aumkronenweg Waldkirch where they navigated a low ropes course and a 400m long slide.

The event, which aims to be improving understanding and appreciation of different cultures, was not just about sport. The weekend visit also saw the participating group’s delivering short presentations about their home towns, schools and way of life.

Each group also cooked a traditional meal for each other.

Former Mayor of North Hykeham and current head of sixth form at Lincoln UTC, Ross Little organised the visit. "I thought that it would be an enjoyable and beneficial experience for the group, all of whom attend Lincoln UTC and live in North Hykeham. I thought it would broaden their horizons and give them an insight into how people live in other European countries."

"Lincoln UTC is the city’s specialist science, technology, engineering and mathematics school for 14 to 19-year olds, though we do cover English and Geography, so this sort of trip is incredibly beneficial to students. As this was only third time Denzligen had staged the event, we were obviously very keen to visit North Hykeham’s twinned town and take part."

"It was great to have a tour of Denzlingen and Freiburg and to hear about how life is different in Germany, Italy and France."

"It was very kind of Mayor Holleman to invite us and to make us so welcome. I think everyone who went really enjoyed it and hopefully, we will be attending again in future years."

According to an article about the event, which appeared in a German newspaper, Ben Rodgers from England enjoyed the experience, getting a better understanding of German culture and food. German bread is apparently the best he has ever had!