Newsletter 21 April 2017

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We have had a rapid return to work after an enjoyable break. The Ski Trip was a great success and I am grateful to the team of Barrow/McCann/Little/Archer who managed to enjoy the trip and bring everyone back in one piece. I am sure they are already planning for next year.

We have had Maths challenges, trips to the University, extra engineering sessions as well as a intensive revision courses.

Coming up is the careers evening on Monday 24 April and several parents’ evenings. Year 10 mid-May and Year 12 just a fortnight away.

The first examinations are not far away and the main series begins in just 6 days’ time.

We ask students to revise but sometimes they just don’t get the message. Parental support is key and we hope revision schedules are in hand. If parents are not sure about how they can support their child, please get in touch.

On the weekend of 5 – 7 May we are at the SPARK festival and on 24 June we are hosting a chess tournament. Please do join us.