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Design and Production Engineer: Adam Kemp

Adam left Lincoln UTC in 2018 after completing A Level’s in Maths, Physics, and BTEC Engineering, and is now a Design and Production Engineer at Househam Sprayers. We caught up with him recently to see how he was getting on.

“As a Design and Production Engineer I complete a wide variety of design specifications and work as part of a team to improve the machines by adding features and correcting drawings.

Studying the STEM curriculum helped me apply knowledge to real world applications much easier and faster, allowing me to work efficiently almost straight away. I also have excellent practical ability which is reflected in my designs when I consider physically building the machines; and doing work experience whilst at Lincoln UTC played a key part in this.

I plan on doing a degree in Mechanical Engineering or potentially Agricultural Engineering either this year or next year to further my knowledge and ability. I am very happy working for Househam and am looking forward to developing within the company.”