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“We have lived all over the UK and experienced a wealth of different schools. I have to say Lincoln UTC is, by far, the best school our son has been to.” 

There is no doubt that the pandemic has forced schools to radically change their approach to education. Just days before secondary students were expected to return to their classrooms for the January term, schools were again informed that they must close and resume remote learning. 

At Lincoln UTC, we were in a strong position to immediately initiate a full timetable of live lessons for all students. During a virtual school day, UTC students have eight periods and the opportunity to interact with their teachers live during every lesson. 

UTC Principal, John Morrison, said: “Studying from home is very different from studying at school and for many students, school closures throughout the past year have been their first experience of organising their own learning. At the UTC we place an explicit focus on skill development and studying from home is an ideal opportunity to put resilience, organisation, motivation, and independence into practice. 

During the past month attendance and engagement in our timetable of live lessons from UTC students has been excellent. We are so proud of our students for adapting so quickly. 

We have been delighted by the positive feedback from parents for our remote learning provision. All of our students in year 10 and around 50% of our students in year 12 were at different schools during the last lockdown, and many have commented on the contrast in the quality and standard of our remote learning.” 

A year 10 parent said: “I have a younger daughter still at secondary and my elder daughter at the UTC, and this has highlighted the enormous difference in the quality of online work provided and how much more care and support the UTC staff provide. 

When staff take pride, care, and promote positivity our young people reflect that - and that is what makes the difference between what a school needs to do to meet the guidelines and what makes a school stand out as going above and beyond. 

Thank you to the UTC staff for making such a difference and giving our young people the best chances possible through these hard times.” 

In September 2020 we welcomed the largest cohort we have ever had. We took the decision to reduce the college’s admissions number and have set a maximum number of 120 in each year group to maintain smaller class sizes than most ‘ordinary’ schools. There are still a few places left in year 10 and year 12 for September 2021. To find out more or to apply online visit