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The UTC working week is designed to be more akin to a workplace when compared to a more traditional school. Our lessons are 50 minutes long. In many cases students will experience double lessons. In key stage 4, students will also participate in triple lessons within engineering and projects. Students at Lincoln UTC learn to manage their time effectively over a much longer period of time than just a single lesson.

The majority of each student’s timetable is filled with lessons working towards a variety of GCSE, Cambridge National, A Level and BTEC qualifications.

It is important to acknowledge that the time allocated to specialist subjects is considerable. Of the 36 teaching hours per week, GCSE students will spend 20 hours studying maths, science and engineering. 

Every Monday afternoon students in key stage 4 travel to Lincoln College and Eastgate Tennis Club to participate in sport utilising their excellent sports facilities. For students in our sixth form this is an optional activity.

Sports sessions are led by specialist coaches who provide an array of activities including: 

Cricket                                               Rugby

Wheelchair basketball                    Hockey 

Squash                                              Volleyball 

Tennis                                                Netball

Football                                             Fitness   

Throughout the week we have many clubs that students choose to participate in, such as: 

Cooking with Anita                         F1 in Schools                        

Science club - Chemistry               Knit it Friday                   

Science club - Physics                   Chess                     

Science club - Biology                    Computer Science                         

Running                                            Warhammer                         

GreenPower Racing                        LGBTQ+