Lincoln UTC
English curriculum      

Our aim is to help students develop a life-long love of reading. We want all our students, regardless of prior attainment, disadvantage or special educational need, to have a passion for the subject and a deep appreciation of the artistry in great writing.  The reading programme which underpins this includes the best of fiction writing (classic and contemporary) and carefully selected non-fiction work.

Reading in this way supports students in the development of emotional intelligence, engaging with both imagery and feelings and understanding the rich tapestry of other people’s perspectives and experiences. It is fundamental to valuing the diversity in both our society and the wider world. Reading texts used encourage consideration of complex ideas, current affairs and ethical dilemmas.

We want all our students to become fluent, confident readers who can read for meaning and understand sub-text. We want them to be able to identify and articulate how great writers succeed in achieving clarity of communication and generating an emotional response.

We want all of our students to master the ability to express and articulate their ideas, both orally and in their writing. In doing so students should make conscious choices on style and technique and employ a richness of vocabulary, inspired by their own reading. Independent writing provides a creative channel for the students’ exploration and expression of their own ideas and values.

Our teaching and our curriculum are designed to ensure that all students are provided with secure foundations and preparation for their futures… for success in their examinations, for the world of work and for higher education.

The sequencing within our curriculum is deliberate in explicitly teaching each of the skills that students need in analysing, evaluating, and in creative writing before they study the texts on which they will be examined. Our goal is to ensure that the skills, the vocabulary and spelling, punctuation and grammar are soundly embedded so that the examination preparation and performance happens at a point when the students have achieved mastery of the language.

KS5 - A Level English Literature  

 At KS5 students can choose to work towards an A Level in English Literature, and will have five lessons a week following the AQA Specification A programme of study. This course analyses a wide range of texts from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to gothic literature, modern poetry and Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’. For the coursework element students can choose their own texts to analyse and compare. English Literature is a popular subject at A Level and provides an excellent springboard into Law, Teaching, Lecturing, and job roles such as; Marketing Executive, Media researcher, Public Relations Officer, Social Media Manager.