The Maths department is a high performing department at LUTC. In 2020, 91% of KS4 students achieved a grade 4-9. Exam results, over the years, have been significantly better than national average. Our students, overall, have also made more progress than national average.

Over the years, we have offered a range of qualifications, national competitions and other opportunities to support and stretch our students: GCSE statistics, FSMQ, UK Math Challenge, Advanced Mathematics Study Programme (AMSP).

Our staffing team has a range of different academic backgrounds and some also have experience in industry. Our members are experienced, dedicated and work tirelessly to ensure all students, regardless of their different abilities and starting points, achieve their full potential.

KS4 - GCSE Maths 

At KS4 students can expect five lessons of mathematics a week. At GCSE, we use Edexcel for the higher tier entry and OCR for the foundation tier. Students are assessed regularly and targeted intervention is provided from the very beginning. At the start of year 10, we develop and enhance the skills required to be successful, focusing on key numerical skills. In year 11, the mathematics team offer up to 6 more lessons of support in addition to their normal timetabled mathematics lessons.

KS5 - A Level Maths & Further Maths

At KS5 students can expect five lessons of mathematics a week in AS and six lessons a week for A2 studies. We offer both Core Mathematics and Further Mathematics courses, and follow OCR MEI specifications. In addition, we deliver the mathematics units required for the Level 3 BTEC Engineering qualification. Class size is small compared to many colleges in the country; and students will often receive additional one-to-one support.