Project Based Learning

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“The leadership of the curriculum is highly effective and innovative.

The implementation of the project element is having a striking impact on the development of pupil’s future employability skills.

In several sessions, pupils spoke enthusiastically with inspectors about their learning. All pupils talked about the skills they were gaining in team work, problem solving and building resilience” – Ofsted, 2019

Every week students spend two triple lessons a week completing project work that is not linked to examined subjects, but designed to develop skills that prepare them for the real world and employment.

Projects are carefully chosen to encourage learning that is independent from the teacher. Students are expected to plan and organise their own approaches, and are not spoon-fed or told how to solve the problems they encounter. There is an expectation that students will make mistakes and fail, which will lead to them reflecting, learning, and becoming more resilient.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Gas Turbine Redesign
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Creating a K’NEX Land Yacht
  • VEX Robotics Challenge
  • Wind Turbine Design Challenge

Through this programme we place an unparalleled emphasis on providing students with opportunities to develop skills, behaviours and traits that set them apart from other young people, and help them to succeed in future.

To download our guide to project based learning, click here