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UTC student Maisie Smith-Noonan answers the most frequently asked questions we have received from prospective students… 

Why did you join Lincoln UTC?   

I joined the UTC because it seemed like a very good opportunity to focus specifically on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) which are the subjects that I really enjoy. 

What is your favourite part about life at Lincoln UTC? 

Compared to ‘ordinary’ schools we do more practical and project-based learning, developing skills to prepare us for the real world and employment. In engineering and science lessons we have frequent opportunities to put theory into practise and demonstrate our skills. 

How does studying at Lincoln UTC prepare you for the future? 

Because we are a specialist STEM college, the majority of students that attend are interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, or maths. Everything that we learn is geared towards building the foundations for an exciting career. The UTC has a significant number of employer partners involved in the delivery of the curriculum. Students in all year groups are with the opportunity for work experience every year, and addition to this some students also get the opportunity to have a longer industrial placement in parallel with their studies. 

What is the learning environment like at Lincoln UTC? 

The UTC has fewer students and smaller class sizes than most ‘ordinary’ schools. This provides the time and resources for staff to get to know each student individually and means that I have good working relationships with all of my teachers which enhances my learning. 

How does Lincoln UTC compare to your previous school? 

I enjoy studying at the UTC much more than at my previous school for multiple reasons. I find myself with a lot more responsibility and freedom with my learning here. The atmosphere is mature, calm, and purposeful. We are treated like adults and dress accordingly in business attire. I appreciate this as I can express my style whilst still looking professional. Since joining the UTC I have become very independent with my learning, and I do not rely on my teachers as much as I used to for instruction. 

 How do you feel about your relationships with other students at Lincoln UTC? 

Because the UTC has less students than an ‘ordinary school’, we are a close-knit and supportive community and I know everyone in my year group. There are a wide range of different personalities, but everyone finds their niche and has a good group of friends. Staff are very responsive to any issues between students, and the UTC has a strict no bullying policy. The behaviour policy is consistent and has clear boundaries, therefore disruption is rare and students treat the UTC business environment with the respect it deserves. 

How do you feel about your relationships with staff at Lincoln UTC? 

I have mutually respectful relationships with staff at the UTC, and they treat me as a young adult. I know that my teachers are passionate about helping me to achieve my potential, which I appreciate. They are a lot more friendly and approachable in comparison to my previous school. 

To what extent would you agree that teaching at Lincoln UTC is good? 

At the UTC every teacher is an expert in their own subject. For example, all key stage 4 students study triple science, and in my biology lessons I am taught by a biology specialist. We have eight lessons a day and have a longer working day than most schools; however, all required work is completed within this time frame therefore we do not have homework. Lessons are interactive and interesting, and my grades have improved as a result. 

Do you have enough opportunities to complete projects and practical work in science and engineering? 

Compared to my previous school, we have many more opportunities to complete practical and project-based learning. Every week we spend two triple lessons a week completing project work that is not linked to examined subjects, but designed to develop skills that prepare us for the real world and employment. Our workshops and laboratories replicate those found in the workplace, and are furnished with a wide range of industry grade equipment which we utilise on a regular basis in engineering and science.