UTC Psychology Curriculum

In KS5 students are able to select Psychology to study at A Level. This is a new subject at Lincoln UTC, started in 2023, and is taught by our specialist science teachers. It is delivered during 5 lessons that are split over the week.   

Psychology is the study of the mind, and our behaviour, shedding light on how we think, act, and interact.   

By choosing to study Psychology, you are embarking on a journey to understand the very essence of human nature. It offers a unique perspective on what it means to be human, exploring everything from basic neurological processes to complex social interactions, emotions, and behaviours.   

Studying Psychology equips you with a diverse skill set, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and data analysis, as well as the ability to understanding human behaviour, all of which are highly valued in numerous career paths. Whether your interest lies in mental health, social work, business, or even law, the insights and skills gained from studying Psychology can open a myriad of opportunities. Ultimately, studying Psychology allows you to understand others better, but perhaps most importantly, it offers a deeper understanding of your own mind and behaviours.