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Bored yet? Find a project! 

The most common reason for school closure is heavy snow. When this happens the response from students is invariably one of great excitement … an extra couple of days holiday and the chance to go sledging! 

When Lincoln UTC’s students were told that we were going to close, the response this time was very different. Students and staff, without exception, were disappointed and concerned. We like coming to work and we don’t like the prospect of being away from the UTC for an extended (and open ended) period of time. 

For however long we are closed we will continue to set work, receive work and provide feedback electronically. It is heartening that so many of our students are engaging with this new way of working and are doing so conscientiously. Inevitably though, we will probably all be finding that we have more free time than we are used to (even after we have completed the set work). 

I have decided to use my free time to make a few short films. I want to improve my camerawork and master the video editing software. This has been something I’ve been keen to learn for a while but just haven’t found the time to do it. I no longer have that excuse. Hopefully, when things return to normal, I’ll be able to put my new skills to use and contribute to the UTC’s collection of website video footage. 

I guess my advice to all our students is to take the opportunity that this situation presents us with and find a project. What would you like to design or make? What new skill or software package would you like to master? Don’t fritter away your free time. Keep busy. Do something that will be of some benefit to you in the future. 

Stay safe. Stay well.   

John Morrison 

Principal of Lincoln UTC