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Negative Ions anyone?

Much like many of our students, with the summer holidays approaching, I find myself excited at the prospect of spending time with my family over the extended, what I hope will be, ‘sunny’ break.

Negative ions…these are the things lots of us crave when we are restricted, in our everyday life, to the indoors.

It is said that people feel ‘free’, more relaxed, and able to escape the rigours of life when outside. Whether it be walking in bare feet, wild swimming, exploring the countryside or relaxing on a beach… people often feel the benefit of being in the great outdoors.

Apparently, it’s the negative ions that create this feeling of calm. They are believed to, when we breath them in and they enter our bloodstream, produce chemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin, responsible for relieving stress and boosting our energy levels.

Over the summer I will travel with my family to The Great Yorkshire Forest, Dalby. Here we will set up an unwieldy large tent! We plan to be outdoors… mountain biking, walking in the forest and relaxing, whilst soaking up all the negative ions life can throw at us. Whether it is really the negative ions, or just pure escapism, it feels wonderful either way.

If there’s only one thing I suggest we all do over the summer break, it’s ‘get out as much as you can, breath the fresh air and relax’.

The staff at LUTC look forward to seeing our students in August to collect examination results they can be proud of, allowing them to make positive next steps in life. These important days are Thursday 18th for our year 13 students and Thursday 25th for our year 11 students.

Have a restful and happy break. Enjoy whatever you decide to do, wherever it may be.

See you all in September, refreshed and energised – bursting with negative ions!

Stuart Hamer

Vice Principal