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What have you achieved so far? 

With time on our hands and a wandering mind I do hope that you have managed to get to grips with something new. For me, I have become a temporary primary school teacher focusing on maths, English and project work. I now know exactly where everything (well, nearly everything) is in Aldi and Lidl as I am shopping for my family as well as my parents and my partners parents. I have tried to bake several times but this is not something that I am particularly gifted at so I will not be applying for the Great British Bake Off, although I am a worthy contender for a prize on Nailed It! I have started Zwifting and now complete about 200km every week. I even tried to skateboard and attempted a trick my 9 year old son showed me…that didn’t end well!   

If you haven’t something new!   

As our Principal John Morrison suggested a few weeks ago: ‘Keep busy. Do something that will be of some benefit to you in the future.’   

It goes without saying that the teachers at Lincoln UTC are missing all our students. The UTC is a very lonely place to be without students, teachers and their teaching as well as without the hustle and bustle of break and lunchtime. I am sure that we all look forward, in one way or another, to returning to a more ‘normal’ way of life both personally, at home, as well as professionally, at school.   

Talking of teaching, you will all know that we have launched ‘live’ lessons on Google Classrooms. You will see me from time to time attending these as a student as I want to know that you are all accessing the very best remote support that we can provide you with. Please attend all live lessons as we are now covering new content for all subjects across year 10 and year 12.   

Take care and stay alert!   

Stuart Hamer 

Vice Principal of Lincoln UTC