May Newsletter 2021

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The light at the end of the tunnel draws ever closer.   

I am sure that you will agree the last few months have been difficult for everyone. With time, however, comes a brighter future… in terms of businesses reopening, education returning to some kind of normality, and we have good weather on the horizon too!!   

As this return to ‘normal’ takes place at Lincoln UTC we are seeing doors opening that have not been open for some time now. Businesses are, once again, contacting us with opportunities that we can take advantage of. These have recently come in the form of work experience placements as well as job and apprenticeship openings. Over the past few weeks, we have been contacted by, and subsequently developed relationships with, Castlet Ltd, Viper Printing, Leicester University, Cambridge University, University College London, NMB Minebea and A Green Engineering. Many of these initial interactions will, and have already, generated opportunities for students from Lincoln UTC to visit local businesses.   

We already have long term industrial placements organised for year 12 students next academic year. Two students will work one day a week with Castlet, a local electronic engineering business who specialise in design, manufacture, test, installation, and commissioning of electrical and controls solutions. This will be organised so that during term time, they will spend four days a week in school and the remaining day with a local business.   

It is hoped, as in the past few years, that the relationships developed between students and business leaders during these placements will lead to future apprenticeships and employment.   

Next term we look forward to hosting an Open Saturday event on Saturday 12th June, and to welcoming our applicants for September 2021 in year 10 and year 12 for induction days.   

Have a great half term break and enjoy the weather!   

Take care,   

Stuart Hamer

Vice Principal