October Newsletter 2023

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Principals foreword

Standing out, Standing up, and Standing together

Lincoln UTC is, in lots of ways, different from other schools. We are proud of all the things that make us unique, and confident in doing things differently. It’s what we want from our students. 

The scientists and engineers who stand out from the crowd are those who think outside the box, innovate, and dare to be different. We also want our students to have the confidence to be themselves, secure in the knowledge that they’re going to be accepted (quirks and all) within our school community.  

We hope that they will stand up for their ideas and ideals and for the things they believe in. Seven weeks into the new academic year, it has been great to see our new students doing this so effectively in lessons… both literally and metaphorically. It is equally important that they ‘stand together’ and learn how to collaborate and support each other, whilst working together on projects and during social times. 

We couldn’t be more impressed with the way in which our new year groups have made new friends, looking out for each other, and ensuring that nobody is excluded. In doing so, they have succeeded in creating a strong and supportive foundation, not just for their time at the UTC but for their future lives and careers.