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Over the last couple of months, the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of STEM-related practical skills, in all their forms (science, technology, engineering and maths). 

The pandemic has propelled scientists into the spotlight, as they expertly guide the government in formulating policy. Technology, as used in Zoom calls and Google Classroom, has enabled business life and education to continue during lockdown. Engineers from all over the country have used their ingenuity to repurpose equipment to meet NHS PPE requirements, and the mathematical modelling of the all-important ‘R number’ has been key to devising a safe path back to a ‘new normal’ way of living. 

STEM practitioners in all four areas have kept our country going and are a perfect example of how a specialist education in science, technology, engineering and maths can lead to incredible things. Gillian Keegan MP, Minister for Skills, says that University Technical Colleges will be at the centre of building these skills following Covid-19: 

“University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are well positioned to support the skills needs of local economies, placing employers at the heart of designing their specialist curriculum, mostly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects such as engineering and digital technologies. There are over 500 employers involved in the 48 open UTCs, including leading names such as JCB, Network Rail, Toyota, Siemens and the Royal Navy, helping to create 30,000 opportunities for young people to train as the engineers, technicians and scientists of the future. 

UTCs will continue to play a role in building the skills capabilities the country needs now and in the future following COVID-19. An immediate focus for UTCs will be to help this year’s leavers use and build on their technical skills through becoming apprentices, as well as other paths to employment including progression to universities, or going straight into technical jobs.” 

Our business approach to education reflects the exciting challenges of the technical industries in which our students are immersed, and we are confident that this environment provides them with the best possible platform to progress into a successful career. Lincoln UTC graduates are the very best scientists and engineers their potential allows as they finish their schooling at 16 or 18, and we look forward to seeing them grow into the STEM heroes of the future. 

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