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Studying from home is very different to studying at school and for many students (and parents) this may be their first experience of organising their own learning. At the UTC we encourage our students to develop the skills of the ideal learner; which include resilience, organisation, motivation and independence. Studying from home is an ideal opportunity to put these skills into practise. 

Accepting that there will be more distractions at home in comparison to school is important as students can then factor this into their approach and effectively manage these distractions. Students should prioritise creating a workspace that is quiet and comfortable to ensure that they can separate studying from their ordinary home life. 

Creating an organised timetable that covers a variety of subjects will provide a similar structure to the school day and allow students to follow a normal routine. Setting achievable goals every morning and ticking them off throughout the day will ensure that students can demonstrate their progress and feel proud about what they have accomplished. 

Our Y11 and Y13 students should be focusing particularly on continuing to work on and improve their engineering coursework portfolios, as exam boards are likely to award grades based on this. 

Using social media is an easy way to procrastinate therefore students should try and limit time spent using their phone during study hours and use it as a reward. It is still important to schedule regular breaks to take time away from learning and relax as students would during an ordinary school day. 

Regular exercise can help you sleep better, concentrate for longer periods of time and improve your mental health. Researchers have found that a minimum of at least 20 minutes a day of any physical activity can help to create a positive attitude and boost productivity. Students should schedule this into their working day.

Studying alone for long periods of time can be a difficult learning curve. Students should give themselves time to get used to their new routine and keep in touch with their peers in the same situation. Remember that teachers are still available to provide help and advice as and when it is needed.