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After completing a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering, Eloise Winterflood was offered full sponsorship from Clyde Marine Training to complete an Engineering Officer Cadetship within the Merchant Navy. During her training she will spend time on shore and at sea, travelling and working on a multitude of ships with an established Merchant Navy company. 

Eloise said: “After studying engineering for 4 years at Lincoln UTC I am thrilled to have secured the next step of my career in industry. I’m loving my new life here in Glasgow! The first few weeks of my course have been busy, with a massive workload and some tough subjects, but I’ve been able to apply everything I learned at the UTC to my new role. 

"This week I took apart a four stroke ship engine and an air compressor which was absolutely incredible. I’ve been able to work confidently based on my existing skills and knowledge, and I’d like to thank everyone at the UTC for all of the teaching and advice because it has been invaluable so far.

"I am proud to be challenging the traditional narrative with my career path in engineering and I hope that in future more girls will do the same."