We have a strong commitment to student voice. The following comments are a representative selection of recent feedback from our year 10s:

  • “We feel like we are being treated like young adults.”
  • “I have made more progress here in four weeks than I did in the whole of last year at my previous school.”
  • “The discipline is much better than at my last school and I can get on with my learning without distraction.”
  • “Lessons are interesting, structured well and don’t feel like they are going on forever.”
  • “I have found the marking to be much more informative, useful, consistent, and frequent than at my previous school.”
  • “At the UTC the teachers help you with work. After you’ve had a go at it, possibly getting it wrong, you realise your mistake and then correct it. This allows us to see what we can do for ourselves instead of being spoon-fed.”
  • “Everyone is friendly and welcoming. If you don’t get along with someone you just deal with it. This college is a place to develop learning and doesn’t tolerate rude behaviour.”