What is a UTC?

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UTCs provide a unique opportunity for students aged 14-19 to study innovative technical subjects alongside the core curriculum. Our specialisms have been chosen as Lincolnshire has a rich tradition of excellence in the fields of engineering and science; subjects that are proven to offer students strong career opportunities in the future.

We are proud to have a significant number of employer and educational partners involved in the delivery of our curriculum. By working in tandem with Siemens and the University of Lincoln, students have the opportunity to learn within world-class facilities, and benefit from educational opportunities grounded within real industry experiences.

Students of a UTC will learn to be highly articulate and numerate; able to apply their skills and knowledge to challenging problems in novel situations. This intellectual flexibility – the ability to make connections, think critically, be objective and original, and work independently – means that they will develop questioning, logical minds, and any unexpected or demanding problem will become an exciting challenge.

Everything that our students learn is geared towards helping them get an apprenticeship, setting them up for university and building the foundations for an exciting career in the highest paying industries. For these reasons UTC graduates are in high demand by employers and go on to do incredible things.