The Ideal Student

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Everything that we do at the UTC is focused on providing students with opportunities to acquire skills that will set them apart from other young people and enable them to succeed in industry and at university. To focus this strategy we promote the 10 traits of the ideal student with rewards cards. 

 ·         CURIOUS: The ideal student is curious. He wants to make sense of the world around him. He has the capacity for awe, wonder and amazement. He wants to understand everything.   

 ·         MOTIVATED: She knows what is important to her and ‘what makes her tick’. She arrives at all lessons motivated and committed. She is an active participant in lessons. She does not rely on others (teachers) to provide her motivation.   

 ·         ORGANISED: He has high levels of personal organisation. He plans carefully and makes good use of his time, hitting all deadlines.   

 ·         INDEPENDENT: She is independent and does not regard herself as a hollow vessel waiting to be filled with the information necessary to pass her exams. She does not wait to be spoon fed. She wants to find things out for herself.   

 ·         COLLABORATIVE: He works well with others, listens to others and appreciates that he can learn most effectively when learning is a collaborative activity. He treats others with respect at all times.   

 ·         ANALYTICAL: She is analytical in her thinking, able to construct a convincing argument for her views and opinions. She always explains her thinking and justifies her reasoning.   

 ·         BIG-PICTURE: He always tries to connect his learning to work done before and work that he knows is coming. He tries to link all new learning to real life contexts, to his own life experience and to academic work in other subjects.  

 ·         CREATIVE: She is a creative thinker who is willing to ‘think outside the box’. She is happy to take risks and try new things.   

 ·         AMBITIOUS: He sets ambitious targets for himself and is willing to do whatever it takes to realise these goals. He routinely reviews his progress towards these targets. He asks for feedback as part of this process.   ·         RESILIENT: She isn’t afraid to get things wrong. She is resilient…always ready to ‘get back on the horse’ and try again. She learns from her mistakes, corrects all her work and responds positively to constructive criticism. She perseveres when things are tough and doesn’t give up quickly or easily.