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Industry Partner: Househam Sprayers

Househam Sprayers are the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of agricultural crop sprayers. Their self-propelled sprayers are designed to deliver maximum performance with minimal soil compaction, by combining cutting edge design and technology with precision manufacturing. 

Robert Willey, Managing Director, said: “All Househam sprayers represent the very best of British design and engineering. This is the result of a real team effort. Our designers and engineers are at the forefront of development in the agricultural sprayers industry. 

“Keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry in this way ensures we remain at the forefront of sprayer design and technology and continue to deliver highly innovative, effective and cost-efficient products for all our customers worldwide.” 

Following the completion of his studies at Lincoln UTC in 2018, Adam Kemp secured a position as a Design and Production Engineer with industry partner, Househam Sprayers. Adam said: “As a Design and Production Engineer I complete a wide variety of design specifications and work as part of a team to improve the machines by adding features and correcting drawings. 

“Studying a STEM curriculum relevant to my career aspirations ensured that I gained specific knowledge and skills, allowing me to work efficiently at Househam almost straight away. “I also have excellent practical ability which is reflected in my designs when I consider physically building the machines; and completing regular work experience whilst at Lincoln UTC played a key part in this.” 

Adam is now our primary contact at Househam Sprayers and he regularly contributes to the project-based learning curriculum and facilitates visits for students. 

Most recently, Adam provided a real life industry scenario for students to get to grips with as part of their project to master Microsoft Excel. Using Adam’s part ordering planner spreadsheet, students must use the explanation sheet to input the correct formula and calculate the order date for each component based on the type of machine and build start date.